About us

Who is behind the Movement Mini Movements

James Cappuccini Mini MovementsHi, I'm James and I am a qualified Art Teacher, Primary School Teacher and founder of Mini Movements. Over the years I have met many children and adults who would really love to create a beautiful picture to hang on their wall but simply lack the confidence. So I created 'Mini Movements' which is all about making your own art, regardless of your ability. 

Anyone can make a Mini Movement. But this is not colouring in or painting-by numbers. Each package contains a blank stretched canvas, clear instructions and all the materials you need to create your own example from a famous art movement. Why not try Post-Impressionism? How about American Modernism? Or even Abstract Surrealism? Also, I will teach you techniques, give you top tips and reveal information about each movement along the way.


Once you have finished, you can display your mini masterpiece with pride and post a picture of it on our website so all your friends can admire your artistic talents. But don't just stop there - join The Movement and collect the whole set!