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The Movement Process Mini Movement

Mini Movements ChristmasSome people say the first part is probably the best bit - the excitement which comes with opening your new Mini Movement! Will you be making a Fauvist, Pointillist, Post-Impressionist or Abstract Surrealist masterpiece?  Maybe you prefer Expressionism?  Or American Modernism. Whatever you choose, whatever your ability, Mini Movements will carefully guide you through the process so you can confidently create a wonderful piece of art work on canvas.





 Mini Movements contents


So, what can you expect to find in each exciting package?  Each kit contains everything you will need:

  1. Professionally written instructions which are clear and educational
  2. A quality stretched blank canvas
  3. Materials such as paints, pastels, brushes and card
  4. A "You Will Need" slip (because the process might require a cup of water and a tissue, for example)

 Mini Movements preparing to go!

Then, it's time to read the instructions carefully all the way through before you begin!  This is very important because it makes following the instructions easier and a lot more fun once you already understand them.


Then it's time to have fun being creative!

Mini Movements Futurism

Anyone can enjoy Mini Movements.  It doesn't even matter if you've never even held a paint brush before!  The clear instructions will guide you through the exciting process regardless of your ability.  

Eventually, you will have added the finishing touches to your mini masterpiece.  Show it off! Hang it up!  Try another!  Tell your friends!

Why not add your Mini Movements to the Gallery so the whole world can see?  Simply take a good quality picture of your wonderful work of art and post it on our Facebook page. Alternatively, e-mail us at or add it on Instagram - #minimovements.